I want you all to read Propaganda in a Democratic Society by Aldous Huxley. This short essay really hits home in this time of 8 second sound bites and reality TV. While you're at it, try out Deoxy.org, the search engine for "denizens of alternate realities".


The Organizers' Collaborative is an "educational and charitable organization established in 1999 to further the potential of computers and the Internet to increase communication and collaboration among those working for social change." Their comprehensive list of links is quite thorough indeed. Their tech tips provide information for the beginner through advanced computer user on everything from how to purchase a cheap computer to setting up a small network to using databases to track membership information.


The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) has put out a valuable internet resource collection in order to help facilitate information gathering by progressive activists. Bookmark it now!


Webzine, an annual non-profit event held in NYC (this year) showcases independent online publishing of e-zines in various genres. Check it out and go if you're in the neighborhood! We at the U-C IMC Library are currently creating an online 'zine collection which will soon be live!


Pretty cool so far. Just checking this thing out... Go for it Mark. I'm sure you have some bookmarks you'd like to post! (JRJ)


Wow, two postings in one day! Does that mean I'm surfing too much? Nah! Here's an article of interest called "One half of a manifesto" by Jaron Lanier, a pioneer in the field of virtual reality. In the article he argues against the "ideology of cybernetic totalism". Quite interesting and thought-provoking.
Hey all! Here's an interesting site called "X-factor" that y'all should check out. They bill themselves as "a coalition for the advocacy of experimental media". Especially interesting is their tool to construct your own manifesto. Go ahead and try it. I dare you!


Ok here's another one to test what this baby can do! Check out Alternatives in Print and Media, the portal of independent bookstores, publishers, literary periodicals etc. JRJ

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