Hey, want to find out how much campaign funding your favorite politician raises--and more importantly from where? Check out OpenSecrets.org. You'll find everything you've ever wanted to know about campaign finances, who's giving and who's receiving. Of the people, by the people and for the people? Hmmm...


Check out Research Foundation for Science,Technology and Ecology, based in New Delhi, India. The website has loads of information on Monsanto, ecological education, and issues such as food security, globalization, intellectual property rights, and gender and the environment. I just heard an inspiring interview on Alternative Radio by the director, Vandana Shiva. She talks pationately about biodiversity, conservation, and how the global economy is destroying the commons and peoples' ability to control their food supplies and hence their lives.


As I'm taking a government documents class at the Graduate School for Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, I'll probably be posting many sites having to do with government information. The first one is OMBWatch: promoting government accountability. This government watchdog group keeps track of issues surrounding the Office of Management and Budget. They also have an interesting site regarding government information that is no longer publically accessible since 9/11. Just one of the many repercussions of this crazy situation. Where's the line between freedom of information and "homeland security"?


In the December, 2001 Sun magazine, there is an interview with George Draffan, the director of EndGame research services. The site offers a plethora of public information and research on a variety of progressive issues concerning the globalization of industry and capital.
"Boom: the sound of eviction" is a very compelling video about the effects of gentrification in urban San Francisco. The video features interviews with dot-com workers, real estate developers, and mayor Willie Brown as well as those who challenged the new economic order with community organizing, direct action, and progressive movement building. If this interests you, then check out Netribution film network from the UK.


Mia Culpa! I know it's been too long since I posted but to show that I've mended my ways, here's an interesting little site for you. It's the Zine Rack from NewPages.com alternatives in print and media. You won't be sorry that you browsed because there are some really interesting zines being published. Maybe you want to donate some to the IMC library?

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