"To know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience above all liberties" -- John Milton. You MUST check out OpenDemocracy.net. Someone writes an article, someone writes a response to the article and so on. The amazing thing about OpenDemocracy is that the threads are connected together so that others can see the evolution of a train of thought. With main topics like globalization, media, 9/11, and interviews with prominant thinkers, this site is proof that the internet can create a new concept of media where readers, writers and thinkers converge.


Welcome to the new look for the U-C IMC Library. Same old stuff with a twist. As always, email us, we love to get new ideas and collectable sites.
Time to start thinking about May Day! At MayDay Festival of Alternatives learn about May Day, actions and events as well as past May Days. The site centers on May Day actions in England, but there's lots that can be of relevance here in the US. Check it.


Well, I've been researching international government information and have come across a few good sites. Look for these to be added to
the research guides in the near future. First, there's Global Issues That Affect Everyone. This site has good information on trade-, human rights-, and environmental issues and does a good job at showing that
these issues are interrelated. Another good one is the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Also check out the Development Group for Alternative Policies (Development GAP!). These sites include well-researched articles, as well as practical alternatives for prevailing policies and programs.

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